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Montgomery Hall


Named after a county in Central Maryland.
Date Opened: 1954

Coed Building - Suites and Apartments
260 Capacity


Letters and small packages will be delivered to your mailbox located in the basement of Harford Hall. Access to the Harford Service Center is via card readers which read your student identification card.
Packages and registered mail will be received at the South Hill/Annapolis Hall Service Desk.


Harford Hall Basement
24 Washers and 22 Dryers

A laundry soap dispenser is available in the room.


For your convenience and security, you can unlock the outside door to grant access to your guests using a door release system installed in your building. Guests may call you from the visitor telephone located beside each outside door to advise you they are waiting outside. Depressing the "lock release" button located in your living room will momentarily unlock the outside door so your guest(s) can enter.

For your personal safety, never open the stairwell door for someone you don't know.


Bike racks are located at:
Charles Hall
Garrett Hall
Montgomery Hall
Prince George's Hall
Washington Hall, also serving Allegany Hall

Secure bikes to these racks only. Any bicycles found locked to handicap ramps, outdoor railings, trees, or in stairwells will be removed. Bikes left here over the summer are considered "abandoned" and will be removed from bike racks.


Vending machines are in the lobby of Annapolis Hall.

Pay phones are located in the Washington and Calvert Quads on the wall of Allegany Hall facing Charles Hall, outside the laundry room in Harford Hall, and inside and outside Annapolis Hall.

Pepsi refills 800-626-3935
Pepsi repairs 800-562-6800
Snack machine refills 800-511-5340


Change machine refunds 800-229-7837


Collection points(Plastic, glass, metals, aluminum and newspaper):
Mailbox lobby and lobby of Harford Hall


Work is underway in the South Hill suite and apartment buildings to equip the outside doors with an electronic security system consisting of a card reader, prop monitors, and alarm horn. Card readers will read the magnetic stripe on your student identification card to grant access to residents, staff, and authorized others. Prop monitors will detect whether outside doors are closed and latched securely, and will sound horns to notify residents and staff if they are not. Closing and re-securing the door will typically silence the horn. Montgomery hall is still a work in progress. However, most buildings have been completed and have card access.



Floor tile: None, removed during last renovation
Pipe Insulation: None, removed during last renovation
Additional Asbestos Information

Paint: Some exterior; rarely on interior
Solder on Copper Pipes: Some, depending on hall
Additional Lead Information


The Heating/Air Conditioning System is provided by fan coil units located under each window. The system was completely rebuilt in the summer of 1995. Each room has a fan coil unit in it. There is a little door on the unit that you push open to access the fan controls. The fan can be set on low, medium or high. Air is drawn into the unit from the front near the floor and then flows across the coils and is blown by the fan up and into the room.

All other South Hill halls have an air handler heating/cooling system. A thermostat located in a common area of your apartment will both tell you the current temperature within the apartment and allow you to regulate the temperature.


BUNKING BEDS -- If you would like to bunk your beds, you may do so by borrowing the pins for oak bed ends from Resident Life's South Campus Office in 0200 Calvert Hall.

MICROWAVE OVENS are not allowed in the resident rooms. You may have one microwave oven in your kitchen.


Building Services Staff Assignments
Marion Stukes, 49040 South Hill Zone Supervisor
Jose Concoba, Building Chief, Allegany, Annapolis, Baltimore, Charles,
Howard, Leonardtown, Montgomery, and Washington Halls
Fred Jones, Montgomery/Talbot

Mike Hamilton, x43486, Biologist

South Hill Community Staff
Amadu Kanu, Maintenance
Patrick Lynch, Carpenter


Employment opportunities are available year-round, including summer full- or part-time positions.  Summer jobs have discounted housing.

Call x57440 or come to our Student Employment Office, located in the Leonardtown Office Building, for additional information.

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