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Identifying our Staff - Uniforms and ID Cards


AnchorAsking for Identification
Just as students on campus must identify themselves if asked, our staff is expected to provide, without hesitation, their name and work section upon request. We expect our staff to comply to a request for identification regardless of whether the ID card is openly displayed or may be in the employee's pocket due to work conditions.

Other full time staff from Residential Facilities may enter the buildings to perform inspections, check on the status of work, or respond to requests from residents or staff. Any Residential Facilities staff member who enters the residence halls is expected to display their University ID card.

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AnchorOther UMCP Staff
For other campus service staff and most outside contractors, a combination of standard uniforms and/or ID cards is expected. Physical Plant (now called Facilities Management) staff will be seen most frequently, but not always, in light grey, light blue, or white uniform shirts with dark blue pants and jackets. They are issued an ID card but are not expected to carry or display it. Most top pieces of their uniform have the words FACILITIES MANAGEMENT or PHYSICAL PLANT on the uniform along with one of several versions of the university's flag or banner (red, black, gold). The staff in Network & Telecommunications Services who maintain the telephone and data wiring have an ID card similar to ours, which is expected to be displayed when in our residence halls. Employees do not have a common uniform.

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AnchorWays to Identify Our Staff
Residential Facilities employees must carry and openly display their University ID card when inside our residence halls unless the ID card might become damaged or endanger the employee while completing a specific repair or task.
All of our full-time front line service staff receive and wear the blue or gray Residential Facilities uniform. While uniform types vary, the shirt or top piece of clothing is usually light blue or gray with the University logo.

Residential Facilities is responsible for providing the same services in the Campus Recreation Center and Ritchie Coliseum, so you might see an employee of ours in a Campus Rec uniform responding to after-hours emergencies in a residence hall. Their uniform top is usually gray or black with the words CAMPUS RECREATION on the uniform.

New full-time staff who have not yet received their uniforms will wear our ID card and our grey T-shirts with the University logo. Collared polo and dress shirts bearing our name and University logo are also worn by some staff. Our student employees do not receive uniform pieces but are required to wear ID cards when working in the residence halls.

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AnchorWe work here !!! How can you tell ???

Men and women of Building Services and Facilities Maintenance can opt for a medium blue work shirt with an embroidered University logo above one of the pockets. Dark blue industrial pants can be worn instead of blue jeans.

Not shown:
White painter overalls, or blue coveralls.


We issue t-shirts to staff with our circular University logo silk-screened above the pocket. Most shirts are gray, although some previous year's shirts which are a royal blue or a light blue may be seen occasionally. Blue jeans are chosen by most trades mechanics.




Many of our staff may be seen in our knit golf-style shirt with embroidered lettering RESIDENTIAL FACILITIES and the University logo.






Building Services and Facilities Maintenance managers are issued light blue or white dress shirts with UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND embroidered above the front pocket. Pants are either a bone-colored or dark blue chino.





Female service workers, chiefs and zone supervisors often elect to wear a top smock (light blue) with embroidered University logo. These may be worn over a dark blue skirt or dark blue cotton pants.

Not shown:
Sweatshirts (dark blue, royal blue, burgundy, gray) with silk-screened logo.



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