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Entering Your Living Space

When We Enter Your Room
By calling in a request, you are giving implicit permission for staff to enter your space. Every effort will be made to minimize this inconvenience. We do train our staff to understand that private living spaces may only be entered for cause, almost always with a work order or in response to an emergency.

We Expect Our Staff to:
  • knock and announce themselves as "Residential Facilities", "Maintenance" or "Housekeeping"
  • tell you why they've come
  • identify themselves personally if asked
  • tell you if they have to return
  • answer any questions you may have
  • leave the space in the condition it was found, cleaning up any mess they create
  • provide an I was here... form if no one was present in the room
I was Here note There may be times when we have to enter your room but still need to return if we couldn't finish our work in one visit. Our staff fills in our I Was Here... note to leave behind in your room to let you know why we were there and, if we know, when we plan to return.

AnchorEntering Rooms Over a Semester Recess
Over winter and spring recesses, our staff is still at work. While much of this time may be spent on work in the public areas of the buildings such as hallways and lounges, we do still respond to service requests we have previously received for less serious problems in student rooms. Or, at a resident's request, we may return during the recess period to complete our work when we're less likely to inconvenience someone.

Sometimes work is planned that may require access to a series of student spaces. Scheduled work like this will be announced by placing notices on the affected floors or through individual letters placed in your mailboxes.

We'll describe the reason for and nature of the work, any steps you should take to assist us in completing the work (such as moving personal items away from windows), and the dates when the work is planned. You'll always be given a contact person's name and phone number to call if you have questions either before or after the recess period.

Although rare, there have been times over recess periods when unplanned work was necessary in one or a series of student bedrooms or apartments and no prior notice could be given. Should this occur, notices will be posted or letters will be left in mailboxes of the affected rooms explaining what was done and why.

For individual service requests, our staff will continue to leave the I was here.... notes and the bottom copies of completed work orders as described below. When completing work on a larger scale as noted above, letters and/or posted notices will be used.

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