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Cable TV Help - Residential

Cable Television Lineup – click on the link below that corresponds with your on-campus housing to view a PDF channel lineup:

Xfinity Streaming Channels

Comcast Cable Channels (Coaxial)


Having trouble with your cable television signal or wall jack?

If you have connected your QAM-compliant television to the wall jack in your bedroom using a coaxial cable, and you are unable to view the full lineup, our first recommendation is to run the auto program / auto-scan function on your television.  

If that does not resolve the issue, Comcast offers an online portal for cable TV assistance specifically dedicated to the University of Maryland. Click the link below to obtain troubleshooting assistance, live chat with a cable support tech, or schedule an appointment for service for your room’s cable jack: 

Comcast Cable TV Service Request (you will be re-directed to Comcast's online support portal)

For support with or to access the XFINITY On Campus streaming service – please visit:

If you are having problems with wireless internet connectivity on-campus – please visit:

Division of IT Wireless Internet Networking Help

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