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Cleaning Our Buildings Daily
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Each residence hall community is staffed by an assigned team of housekeepers who are responsible during the fall and spring semester for maintaining all public areas.  Each member of the housekeeping team is assigned responsibility for maintaining a specific area of a building. Housekeeping staff work Monday through Friday generally between the hours of 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

On weekends during the academic year, a limited number of housekeeping staff work on most Sundays between the hours of 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. to empty trash containers and resupply building restrooms.

How and when our housekeeping staff will accomplish their daily and weekly work assignments will vary in each style of building we have.
  AnchorTraditional Halls
In our traditional North Campus high rise halls, one housekeeper will generally be responsible for maintaining two floors of the building. The housekeeping assignments in the Cambridge Community's three low rise halls vary slightly and do require several staff to work in more than one building during each day. South Campus, Cecil or our North Hill residence halls vary in size, so the work assignments for most housekeepers are in more than one hall.
AnchorSuites and Apartments
Aside from the mail and laundry facilities in Harford basement, the areas maintained by housekeeping staff in South Hill are limited to each building's stairwells. South Hill staff also maintain the student and administrative spaces in Annapolis Hall and the Leonardtown Community Center. South Hill staff are regularly moving between buildings, rain or snow or shine.
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AnchorSupporting Our Staff
Cleaning products, trash can liners, shower curtains, brooms, larger equipment, and much, much more are ferried into each community by our stock program's staff through out every week.

As our housekeeping staff are broken down into work teams by community -- Denton, Ellicott, Cambridge, North Hill, South Hill -- each group is supported by a zone supervisor who assists in making work assignments based on attendance, unusual work requirements and planned projects. These zone supervisors are backed by the North Campus Manager and South Campus Manager.

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  AnchorCleaning Our Buildings Daily
Each residence hall floor receives daily housekeeping service Monday through Friday. While housekeeping staff will work daily in each bathroom, hallway, lounge, stairwell, and lobby, the specific tasks completed each day will vary in order to allow staff to work in greater detail in some areas each day.

Even though our housekeeping schedules and duties vary daily, you will know if your hallway, bathroom, or lounge is not receiving adequate attention. If you believe public areas in your building are not being maintained satisfactorily, please call x4-WORK and a request will be forwarded to the zone supervisor to inspect the area and assure our housekeeping standards are being maintained.
Housekeeping Schedule for a Traditional High Rise Residence Hall
Monday through Friday1
  • disinfected on a daily basis
  • paper products restocked on a daily basis
  • thoroughly cleaned once a week
  • hand soap replaced as needed
  • thoroughly cleaned on Monday
  • swept on a daily basis
  • buffed to a shine at least once a week, twice time permitting
  • general cleaning on a daily basis
  • walls cleaned weekly and spot cleaned as needed
  • alcoves and shelves thoroughly cleaned
  • water fountains disinfected daily
Trash Cans
  • emptied on a daily basis
  • disinfected and thoroughly cleaned once a week
  • thoroughly cleaned weekly
  • policed daily
Lobby, Main Study Rooms, Basements, Laundry
  • thoroughly cleaned weekly
  • policed daily
Porches, Patios, and Dumpster Pads
  • broom swept as needed
Saturday -- No Services offered
Sunday -- Trash cans emptied, bathroom paper products restocked, and bad spills cleaned
1 Subject to change during exam periods, snow and weather emergencies, or periods of high absenteeism
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  AnchorWork in the Summer
While our staff wishes they could take the summers off like most residents, we're here and scheduled to thorough-clean all of our buildings for your return in the fall. Our campus also hosts tens of thousands of summer guests who typically occupy most of our buildings each summer.

In addition to more extensive cleaning in the public areas of every floor, our summer work in student bedrooms to prepare for returning residents in August includes these tasks:
  • Wipe down with disinfect every desk and dresser top
  • Wipe out every desk and dresser drawer and closet shelf
  • Apply new floor finish
  • Remove decals, stickers, tape and poster squares
  • Spot clean walls, window glass, closet door
  Two large-scale efforts are scheduled into the summer months.
  • Since 1993, we have employed an outside contractor to clean the outside surfaces of a hall's windows for one third of our buildings every summer.
  • We form a separate team using our staff to spot- or thorough-clean upholstered seating and carpeting in our suites and apartments, lounges and lobbies.
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AnchorUrban Biology
Our Urban Biology staff have bachelor's degrees in entomology and are certified by the State of Maryland to apply pesticides.  Each biologist takes individual responsibility for specific buildings to better assess your building's needs, correct conditions which favor pests, conduct periodic inspections, and respond to routine Service Requests dealing with insects and wildlife.  We attempt to call all Service Requests and schedule an appointment with the individual caller.  Not all pest problems require the use of a pesticide.  The biologist responsible for your building can assist you in resolving all aspects of a pest problem including coordinating related building repairs and providing advice on prevention.
During the course of the year, Urban Biology will routinely inspect common areas for insect problems.  Our staff will determine the best course of action to resolve the issue.  We employ tactics such as: site modification, behavioral education, mechanical controls, and spot pesticide application.  If you are experiencing any problem in your assignment, we encourage you to call X-49675 (X-4WORK). 

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