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Building Security

Security and You
You are the KEY to security in your residence hall...

Building security is a responsibility we share with each resident.

Nevertheless, your personal choices can do as much, if not more, to jeopardize the safety of your fellow building occupants.

Follow simple common sense and don't let people you don't know into your building.

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AnchorDo you trust this person...?

If you approach your hall and see people who appear to be our staff or other campus staff near the entrance door, don't hold the door open for us.

Under normal circumstances, our staff should not just "slip in" to your residence hall or pass through locked interior doors when someone else opens the door.

Make us use our campus ID cards for access.

Persons, including fellow students, not known to you shouldn't be let into your building -- the safety of your fellow residents and your own safety is at stake ! ! !

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Sorry. We won't hold doors open for you since most of our staff won't be able to identify where students live.



At your apartment, suite or bedroom door
We will knock and announce ourselves before attempting to enter a room.

When someone is present, we will identify who we are, why we've come, and make certain our presence is not an undue inconvenience. We will offer to lock the room door or suite/apartment entry door when we leave. When no one is present, we will leave behind a copy of the completed work order or an I Was Here.... form to describe why we came or what we did. We'll lock the door behind us.

Unless the work we are doing requires otherwise, we will always leave the room door open when we're in the room. Should we need to leave the room for parts, we'll lock the door if no one else is present.

At an entrance door to your building
When entering a residence hall, we will not permit others to enter through the door at the same time we do. We won't hold exterior doors open for you, since most of our staff won't be able to identify who lives where. We will not prop open exterior entrance doors. When our work requires an entrance door to be open, we will ask residents to use other entrances where they must use their ID card to gain access to the building.

At all times:

  • We will always wear our ID cards. For the majority of Residential Facilities' staff, we'll wear the complete uniform that is issued to us.
  • We will respond promptly to reports of building deficiencies that affect the safety and security of residents and their property.
  • We will use the keys and access cards assigned to us carefully and safeguard against their loss and inappropriate use.
  • We will report to Campus Police individuals who we believe are not residents of the building and who are acting suspiciously.


Call the University Police, x5-3555, to report any crime in the residence halls.
Provide them with whatever details, facts and suspicions you have.

Call University Police at x911 to report a crime in progress.

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AnchorIf you suspect an employee committed a crime.


Call the University Police. Be as clear as you can in describing the person you saw, including physical traits, clothing style and color, tools and other distinguishing features. If a university employee is suspected, the police will contact us or other service departments on campus to assist them in gathering information concerning employees, keys issued to your hall, or other details as may be helpful.

You should also notify your Resident Life community staff, who will create an Incident Report.

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